The projects I’ve been developing, possess the same characteristics and motivations to develop a coherent and deepened speech, each time more. These projects come from areas/subjects such as: typography, writing, language, communication, among others. Trying to question, to doubt, to reflect and to deconstruct the language (occidental, patriarchal) that culturally involves us through several means (media) in our everyday life. In this manner I deconstruct words, letters, removing their usefulness, transforming them into constructed images, that communicate visually, where the same parts are conjugated in innumerable ways creating “infinite” images from the deconstruction of the alphabet which constitutes our language.

In these deconstructions are implicit a “desire” of multiplicity, to reach the infinite inside the finite of the language, turning it into something mobile and flexible.

To make writing return to it’s origin, to image.


The work presented here, for illustration and design, some are the result of professional work (private) and others are personal works. However, all the work done is derived from my personal design and creativity.


Always worked the problem of communication through photography. Communication as donation, light that illuminates, and the interlinked issues of gestural communication with verbal communication.


Exploration of sounds, words, deconstruction of phrases, decontextualisation, sounds of the body that are the verbal and nonverbal communication. Building new narratives through various narratives decontextualized and re-contextualized: Deconstruction and Construction.


Theoretical work on art and culture made academically.